Your business website says a lot about you. Your creativity and expertise should indeed be reflected in your online content. In today’s technological climate, it is important to be at the forefront of understanding consumer expectations on the web. This includes interactive, modern, and avant-garde content and web design. As a result, we advise you to employ a web design company to build your website.

Designing a stylish and reliable site isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially if you don’t know how to adapt to the latest technological changes. By hiring a professional, you will get better results. It would be beneficial if you focused on other aspects of your company’s management.

Do you need other arguments to be convinced? Read on to know the reasons why you should hire an agency to create your website.

Website creation: here’s why you should hire an agency

1.    A professional look

It is certainly possible to find online tutorials detailing the ins and outs of web design. However, the countless hours and energy you will have to invest in this project will surely be more important than expected. Working with a professional agency allows you to get a project that is compatible with your vision. Getting an idea for your website project is one thing, but putting it into practice is another.

An agency will be able to design and develop a website adapted to the needs of your business. She will also have the insight and vigilance to spot new technologies,  trends, and future web design developments. As you might expect, the web world is very fast; for this reason, modern websites involve appealing to all aspects of the digital world. This includes designing a responsive and mobile-friendly website, which is of utmost importance.

2.    The expertise of a website creation agency

As indicated previously, creating a website with functionalities adapted to mobiles is essential, as much for your site’s success as for your online visibility, because this support directly reflects your activity. It is obvious that this is not easy and that it requires some expertise in web development.

Unless you are highly skilled in software applications and have a clear understanding of one or two computer languages, you are unlikely to be able to find a way to adapt your site for mobile phones or even complete the initial build. That’s not impossible, but working with an organization to profit from their experience would be far easier.

Even though the learning curve in web development is quite steep, although possible, it is important to know how to handle a problem when it does arise. While a novice can solve some development issues, only an expert will spot a problem in multiple code lines. Not only can an agency handle the complicated aspects of web development, but they can also support you with simpler things like hosting, registering, and buying domain names.

3.    The strategy

The main goal of designing a website is to position your business in the digital world while creating an attractive online presence. This presence will be the result of strategic planning provided to you by a professional agency. Which website you need depends on the scope of your project. An agency can provide you with multiple professionals such as digital marketers, web developers, graphic designers, SEO experts, and social media experts.

When you work with a single agency and a team that knows your online support, you are guaranteed to have continuity from start to finish of the project. It’s important to ensure that your teammates working on the web are on the same page about the project’s direction right from the start. This will prevent you from encountering possible delays as well as problems that were not anticipated. 

You guessed it, building a website is a complex process. Therefore, the planning and strategy development stages are paramount. When working with an agency, the web development process comes as second nature to them.

Consequently, your project will continue to move forward without encountering obstacles in the following stages. Your website’s design and development schedule will depend directly on the project itself, but rest assured that working with an agency will assure you of security, as well as professionally designed work.

4.    Website creation price

It might seem counterintuitive, but hiring a web agency to build your website is much more cost-effective than doing so yourself. This is true for several reasons, but the main reason is surely the amount of time and energy that you will be investing in the process of growing your business.

As noted, designing and developing your website is quite difficult and energy-intensive, with often unpredictable results when you don’t quite know what you’re getting into.

Working with an agency is certainly a significant investment, but the cost and the working time on the site will be considerably reduced in the long term. Also, a clean website will reflect the image of a credible business. This online support will be a great way to increase your visibility and facilitate your business projects.

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How to create a successful e-commerce site?

What is an e-commerce site?

Unlike a showcase site, the e-commerce site is not only intended to present the company concerned. His goal is to sell products/services directly online on the site in question.

Thanks to an online store, you will be able to sell your products online and therefore be paid directly through a linked bank account or a digital payment solution such as Paypal, for example.

Namely, there are different types, different forms of an e-commerce website. They differ in particular according to the purchasing process and income. The three main forms of an e-commerce site are as follows:

  • Classic e-commerce site: the most common form, it’s exactly like a physical store, but here online.
  • Dropshipping: It is almost similar to a regular e-commerce website, except this one does not commit you to send the product yourself but via a third-party company.
  • Affiliation: similar to a directory of different classic e-commerce sites. You do not have to offer the product yourself; you are just a redirect to another online store.

Why create an e-commerce site?

Many good reasons can push you to create an e-commerce site. Whether you want to develop your business that currently does not include a physical store, or whether you want to get into dropshipping or even sell your new start-up products, all are situations for which the creation of a site is -commerce is the best solution.

Regardless of why you want to start selling online, having an e-commerce website would provide you with the following advantages:

  • An infinite customer gain potential: unlike a physical store, your e-commerce site will allow you to reach an infinite number of targets. Your business is now accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and especially anywhere in the world.
  • Lower costs: no need to spend on-premises. For example, you won’t even have to invest a euro in producing your products for some form like dropshipping.
  • Favored profitability: reducing costs and increasing the number of customers will allow you to obtain a higher margin.

What are the performance factors?

To offer an efficient and above all efficient e-commerce website, there are fundamental elements to work on:

  • The consumer’s purchase tunnel: it corresponds to the path followed by the consumer on your site, from the moment he clicks on the “order” button until it is confirmed. The objective here is to minimize the constraints so that the consumer does not give up the purchase!
  • Experience (UI / UX Design): the customer experience through a website is generally difficult to understand. To promote it, it is recommended to offer an e-commerce site that is visually attractive, intuitive, dynamic, but above all, easy to use.
  • Natural referencing (SEO): optimizing your referencing is a method to promote your high natural ranking on search engines. It is a formidable lever in the long term to automatically gain visitors to its website.

Who to call for its creation?

Different possibilities are depending on your resources, your knowledge, and know-how in web marketing to create your e-commerce website:

  • Do it yourself: Some CMS (content management systems) are very simple to use and do not necessitate comprehensive web development skills. However, you risk managing design difficulties on your own, especially since some CMS is much more complex to handle.
  • Call on a competent service provider: by calling on an agency or a freelancer specializing in creating online sales sites, you will be accompanied from A to Z in the construction and development of your web project. The price will often be high, but you will thus guarantee quality for your e-commerce site. It will be unique, efficient, and professional.

By offering a site with relevant content, a favorable and optimized user experience, and strategic SEO, you are guaranteed to obtain long-term results. By thinking about your visitors’ needs, especially by meeting them, you will get the perfect e-commerce site.

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What is SXO?

You have actually absolutely currently heard of him. You provide a mindful ear to web advertising. SXO can be defined as the marriage in between Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) and UX (User eXperience).

As a result, this principle incorporates seo with techniques to boost the user experience. When we take on the SXO method, the sole positioning of a website’s web pages in Google, Bing, or Yahoo is no longer sufficient. Its managers need to be systematically driven by the need to meet Web individuals’ expectations who see their blog site or their on the internet shop; at best, they have to do whatever possible to retain and also transform them

Interest, the principles of natural referencing continue to be. The content – technical – internet linking triptych is still superior. Yet it ought to no longer only concentrate the attention of traders as well as Search engine optimizations.

What actions to achieve in SXO?

A couple of years ago, when the competition was not so solid, a company can mostly profit of streamlining its material. Pertinent titles, H1 tags comprised of basic synonyms of the targeted key phrase, a few links on sites with high Page Ranking … and voila!

Now, there is a lot web content that you have to play joints and also win in SEO to show up on the first web page. Then, when we manage to position ourselves in a great position, we need to still make the individual click his site. Ultimately, UX needs to be effective to convert. SXO, a true alliance between all-natural referencing as well as user experience, allows you to get from the point where your website is not noticeable to the one where it converts. It is among the major fads in 2018.

To promote its CTR (click price), it may interest mention the item title’s price, underline the totally free delivery prices, advertise very helpful deadlines, and even develop personalities.

When the Net customer has been attracted into the cracks of your web, it would additionally pay to highlight added web content most likely to passion him. For a media that makes a contrast of premium smart devices, it might be to motivate it to find mid-range devices that might also perfectly match its uses. A distributor will certainly be able to highlight compatible accessories along with a telephone that he offers for sale.

Exactly how to capitalize on global search?

The SXO requires you to work a lot more on your online search engine’ visibility, thinking about all the possibilities readily available to you, well past the typical search results. To start with, each site needs to attempt to position web pages of its website on placement no. What is it regarding? Rather simply from an extract of content that Google provides directly to the Internet customer in the results. It is profitable in regards to picture for the authors. It is a sure thing that the systems that are therefore valued by the engine internationally adopt excellent methods as well as supply the very best customer experience to Internet users.

Then, Google Shopping provides vendors’ opportunities, and also the photo online search engine permits any website to draw in more visitors.

Rich fragments (or structured information) are likewise fully according to the SXO method. A fan searching for tickets to attend PSG football suits? Unquestionably, the official shop page of the Parisian club is appropriately highlighted in the results. Still, a ticket exchange platform is specifically successful by providing links for each of the next meetings. By uncovering the dates of upcoming matches, the Web user may be more likely to reserve his ticket.

Why optimize your neighborhood SEO?

Vendors, especially vendors who specifically target their district and surroundings, would certainly be incorrect to lose out on Google My Company. This solution highlights lots of establishments on a multitude of requests. Hotels as well as restaurants that do not profit or do not wish to show up on intermediary platforms can draw in Net customers if they utilize the device properly.

Just how to enhance your touchdown web pages?

Each page should fit into your total SEO as well as user experience approach. Develop your material to improve the lexical field and also narrate to Web individuals. There is absolutely nothing more depressing for a visitor than to together stumble upon suppliers’ summaries, repossessed as they are by sellers.

SEO solutions in Lahore implement two techniques in SXO that can raise your conversion price. On the one hand, this is Eye Tracking and, on the other hand, A/ B screening. The first principle serves for determining what order the components of a page are observed as well as recognizing the areas where the site visitor’s gaze lingers the most

Concerning A/ B screening, which certainly is entitled to a file by itself, this resembles a competitors of 2 web pages offering the same service or product. The aspects (colors of the titles, placing of the body of the message, photos, purchase switch, or form to be filled in, and so on) that compose it are prepared in different ways. The device records Web individuals’ actions and conversions without them understanding that they arrive at the first or second version of the exact same page. There are very distinct degrees of performance, depending on the options made by the merchants.

All the strategies that we have actually presented ought to not obscure the value of technological optimizations as well as net connecting work. It is the combination of all these typically taxing tasks that permit a site to bring in even more Internet users, supply them with pertinent answers, and preserve them.

7 reliable suggestions to have a 100% receptive website

The increase of the multi-device society has made receptive web site design common practice when it concerns developing any type of internet site. The design of a receptive site is no longer a good idea to have, yet instead a crucial need

You should need to find out about constructing a website prior to entering into the specifics, let’s start with the basic concepts of reactionary or mobile layout.


Simply put, a mobile friendly website is a site that immediately spots the gadget the individual is browsing from and readjusts the design to comply with gadget specs and enhance the user experience. user.

The purpose is to supply users with consistent experience irrespective of the system being made use of. It removes uncertainty, makes navigating smooth and also most importantly a great individual experience possible

Why is making a responsive site a critical need for services?

Mobile devices and their users comprise a substantial portion of the web traffic that gets here on your internet site today. Offering these site visitors with an enjoyable as well as consistent customer experience across tools is essential to the long life of your organization. Additionally uncover 3 website analysis tools to much better recognize your individuals.

Conventional internet sites that are not enhanced for mobile wind up looking jumbled when opened up on small screens like cell phones and tablets. On receptive websites, the design is restructured to make sure that customers can quickly check out the material and also navigate the website on different tools with differing display dimensions.

Offered the effort that your company must have placed in to drive website traffic to your websites, you definitely don’t intend to drive away prospective clients that are searching your website utilizing a mobile (by offering them with a buggy customer experience). ).

One more essential consideration that makes using responsive layout practices important is the impact of “mobile-friendly” on Search Engine Optimization positions, in addition to discovering the ideal keyword phrases for your Search Engine Optimization. Given that the intro of Google’s mobile indexing, the method the web site does on mobile phones also determines its position in Google search positions.

Tips for making responsive internet sites without the hassle


Instead of basing your internet site style on fixed-size pixels, taking on fluid grids causes fluid layouts that extend with web pages.

The adaptable grid is able to dynamically resize itself to fit different screen dimensions. The grid is not based on pixels or portions and also is rather developed in terms of percentages. All grid things resize their size relative to each various other based upon the size of the display they are shown on. One of the most renowned grid is the bootstrap grid.

Flexible grids do half the work in a responsive design, but if the width of the browser window ends up being as well tiny for smaller sized screens, having a style that spans 2 or 3 columns will not do it. ‘situation. In this case, the use of media questions comes to be necessary.


Media questions will certainly customise the internet site layout for different display sizes. The material meets numerous device demands, while the media inquiry tracks the range, resolution and alignment of the tool used as well as shows the ideal collection of CSS laws.

Media questions utilize the @media guideline to include a CSS block if the condition mentioned is proper. It can be made use of to get rid of such elements if the dimension of your screen is smaller sized than the size you such as, making it a lot more appropriate for the design to be seen on numerous screens.


The viewport is the section of the websites that customers can see. The computer system on which the site is accessed differs. The internet browser receives instructions on the dimension as well as size of the page by incorporating the viewport with a meta tag.

Using meta-tags stops customers from browsing a tv and from scratching the contents flat or too much in order to see them. The viewing port width can be calculated by media queries, which enable developers to define different browsers or customer positionings.

Including mobile layout to begin with is additionally a great approach to adopt when making a receptive web site. It has to do with making use of styles targeted to smaller checking out home windows, like the default website. You can after that make use of media questions to include designs as the home window expands, saving useful bandwidth.


The dimension of the symbols in the web design must be huge enough to ensure that the responsive targets (buttons, web links …) are comfortable when made use of through smart phones. Responsive internet sites need to be developed with computer mouse clicks in mind in addition to finger touches.

When making for mobile, it is appealing to utilize more area é the notch available by putting extra elements and also condensing the size of switches, it is vital to create for human fingers as well as keep the design conscious touch. According to material style guidelines, buttons need to be a minimum of 36px high to guarantee ease of access.

When installing input areas on the mobile website, make sure the touch targets are large enough for individuals to touch as well as eventually convert. See to it that the bundled style as well as color design make the buttons stick out. If you are designing ecommerce internet sites, make sure the checkout process is smooth to guarantee optimum conversions for your organization.


Managing media, whether it’s pictures or video clips on the mobile version of your internet site, is one of the hardest parts to take care of when creating a responsive website. In the case of pictures and also videos, it is recommended to use the optimum size building.

When enhancing the dimension of pictures as well as videos for mobile, established the maximum width to 100% and also the height to car. The photo will certainly be lowered depending on the screen on which it is to be displayed. In the case of history photos, established the size as “contain” as well as it will fit the content area. Image dimension should be small and also images ought to be compressed to make certain websites lots quicker, which is additionally vital from a SEO perspective.


Typography is the lifeblood of web design. In order for web content to appear reliable when seen on smart phones, the font style size should be optimized for mobile also. Using pixels to establish the typeface size works when servicing a taken care of size internet site, but also for receptive web sites a receptive typeface is a must.

The CSS3 requirements include a new system called rems which associates with HTML elements, which triggers the entire websites to dynamically adjust according to the width of the internet browser home window.


Responsive internet site style is hard and can be time consuming. Along with technical expertise, one need to have in-depth knowledge of the layout. The layout adhered to by coding must after that undergo strenuous testing on a variety of various tools to guarantee that each part remains in its location as well as working properly. And also these tests can take a number of months. This device is PinPut, an internet advertising and marketing software application allowing you to have the replay of each customer session. An excellent means to observe errors and adapt as necessary.

You can also use a responsive web design firm concentrating on developing electronic experiences, you will have every opportunity to design a mobile friendly website. Nevertheless, the price can be high, you can reduce it by developing your website on your own making use of a CMS. Figure out which CMS to choose.

6 Ways to Obtain Traffic to Your Internet site

Internet site Traffic is vital to the success of every online business. No luck without perseverance. No matter just how much time, effort, and money you put into your internet, it will certainly have any meaning if there is no web traffic to it. Never. And it isn’t good for company.

So, considering that bringing even more web traffic to your website will enhance your possibilities of success online, you need knowledge. Based upon my experience structure and growing various web sites,

Here are six tried and also examined methods for driving traffic to your site.

1. Keep in mind, material is king.

You will not be effective quickly, yet a great web content advertising and marketing strategy is among the most effective strategies to increase your web website traffic in the future.

In the past, this suggested filling your web page with key words to synthetically boost your outcomes page’s position in the internet search engine (SERP). Yet Google now explicitly discourages this technique. While it’s constantly crucial to produce SEO-friendly web content (Wordstream has a practical guide on how to do it), Google’s progressively sophisticated search formulas are doing a far better work of unearthing top quality.

Shortcuts, like key phrase stuffing to fool Google’s algorithm as well as enhance a page’s ranking, have not just become inadequate, however Kissmetrics cautions that they can cause your site being punished by Google. And also, top quality web content is a lot more likely to be shared, equating to more back links to the internet site. Backlinks not only drive even more natural web traffic, yet they also improve SERP rankings.

According to Online Search Engine Watch, Google’s very first web page results receive 92% of all traffic. Organic website traffic grows rapidly from there. Improving your natural search results page as well as generating high quality web content is just one of the simplest ways to drive more traffic to your web.

2. Exist on socials media

Capitalizing on social media is just one of the best means consumers can talk with their target market as well as drag brand-new clients to their web site. Holding huge GoDaddy has located that 61% of its high-traffic sites have a Facebook web page attached. While having a Facebook web page and Twitter account is more or less thought about a demand for online businesses today, do not forget less-established platforms.

Claim, as an example, your business is mainly B2B. In this situation, LinkedIn can be a golden goose for potential clients. Does your company sell items with a strong aesthetic identity? A picture deserves a long speech, so think about Instagram. Digiday reports that the extent of natural content on social media sites is obtaining much tough to conquer, so boosting your social media sites existence is among the most effective and affordable means to reach your customers.

3. Mobile Optimization.

This pattern has actually continued, as well as with increasingly faster as well as a lot more innovative mobile phones, there is no reason to believe that it will certainly ease off anytime quickly. It’s no surprise that Google is currently factoring in mobile-friendly website optimization when assessing its SERP. It supplies you with a beneficial complimentary device that will certainly inform you exactly how well your site is optimized.

In addition to its effect on your website’s SERP ranking, this optimization can also affect consumer self-confidence in your organization as well as the chance that people will suggest it. Google has actually discovered that 89% of individuals are likely to suggest a brand after having had a positive brand experience on mobile. Even in the electronic age, word of mouth is a powerful device for driving your website traffic.

4. Enhance loading speed.

An additional element that influences SERP positions yet has a significant influence on functionality is web page load speed. When awaiting a page to lots, nobody wishes to sit around doing nothing. 40% of people leave sites that takes more than three secs to load, according to Kissmetrics. The images’ size is one of one of the most vital wrongdoers when it involves slow web page load times.

Free devices like ImageOptim make it very easy to press your images prior to they are published to your web site. Relying on your internet site’s system, plugins like Smush for WordPress can immediately enhance your pictures. If your website is heavy on pictures, it can significantly improve its efficiency. Google is providing a free device that provides your insight into the speed of your web site.

5. Email Advertising Approach.

Email marketing approach has actually been around for almost as long as email has been around. It has come to be so common that, from time to time, people have predicted its demise. While cold-emailing might be dead due to the effectiveness of spam filters and laws like GDPR, marketing to a mailing list stays among one of the most effective ways to drive website traffic to your website. Internet.

If you are in ecommerce, automated e-mail advertising and marketing tools like MageMail can assist you raise your sales dramatically. These plugins allow you to retarget clients that have actually visited your web pages as well as include products to your buying cart without making a purchase. Deserted cart suggestion emails have an amazing 40% average open rate if sent within three hrs of abandonment, according to Company Insider.

6. Promote pay-per-click and also on social media sites.

While organic search can supply a much better ROI for your business over time, paid search can possibly supply outcomes much faster. A well-thought-out and also well-executed Ppc (Pay Per Click) project via Google Adwords can result in a significant increase in web traffic.

Bear in mind to do your study. PPC campaigns can promptly end up being costly if they are not adequately planned and also targeted. Search phrase Coordinator, from Google again, is a very useful tool, but do not quit there. Ahrefs can aid you recognize exactly what your competition is finishing with their paid search campaigns. SEMrush can show you rival’s budgets, top keyword phrases, and their most profitable advertising. With this expertise, you can customize and improve your PPC campaigns appropriately.

I have actually already discussed the relevance of having a strong social media sites marketing services to drive more traffic to your site. A growing number of, however, developing and sharing wonderful web content on your social media accounts is inadequate on its own.

This is particularly real for Facebook, where current changes to the information feed, referred to as “Facebook Absolutely no,” have actually made it more difficult to reach fans organically. This is where Facebook Ads are available in. With its huge customer data store, Facebook allows you to pierce down right into your target audience, revealing ads only based on the demographics you define.


You will have all the keys in hand to obtain a website that meets the demands of the market as well as those of your expectations. Your site will be a real tool to transform your Internet users into potential customers.

Companies do not adopt websites by chance. The latter has a considerable impact on customers, and therefore on business. Would you also like to change your website, but certain criteria, including the lack of budget or the consistency of your brand’s positioning, are still holding you back? This article will help you judge if your website is part of the table of “large websites” and know what you can ask your web provider.

We give you the miracle recipe for a good website, now and exclusively!

  1. Modern and aesthetic graphics
  2. Responsive for everything and on everything
  3. A domain name just for you
  4. Tailor-made accommodation
  5. Guaranteed and reinforced security
  6. A step-by-step structure
  7. Social networks & you
  8. SEO for more visibility


Graphics correspond to all the techniques for creating, processing, and using visual aids. Your web design company in Pakistan cannot underestimate this visual contribution because it is at the heart of your identity.

By identity, we mean your visual identity. For your service provider, the biggest challenge is to transcribe your image on a logo or the colors used. This is where the graphic charter has undeniable importance. This represents all the visual rules to be respected in your business, ranging from the colors to be used to the letters you will send to your customers and the typography (font) to be used. Please note: it is essential to maintain consistency and homogeneity across all of your communication media.

The graphics go first of all through the ergonomics of your website. The practicality and the intuitiveness of this one will make it possible to lead the visitor more quickly towards the information. Several challenges are then to be overcome: the first is to attract him to the site, the second is to “keep him going” to return to the site. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself the right questions:

What is your website’s real purpose: an informational, promotional, commercial, event, or for notoriety?

What would be the best conversion strategy to transform Internet users into potential customers?


In a world connected 24 hours a day and constantly improving, it has become more than important to have a fast and responsive website.

That is to say that your website must adapt to all terminals but also different screen resolutions whether on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or stationary. Why? According to a study by Mobify, the mobile is the first means to access the internet for 50% of Internet users. Imagine the user has to move from left to right or from bottom to top to read all the content if your site is not adapted to the screen.

You lose 75% of your mobile audience if your site load time is more than 5 seconds. Responsive design responds to current web issues and trends. It will allow you to offer your readers an optimal experience regardless of the choice of the terminal.


Before creating any website, you must first reserve your domain name. This corresponds to the title and URL of your website. Your domain name’s choice cannot be changed once your URL link has been referenced on search engines. Best of all, it’s simple, short, and easy to remember. Regarding the process, the deposit and the purchase are done via a registrar. Even if, now, most of the hosts already take care of it, such as OVH.


Now that you have your domain name, the hosting choice phase is underway. What exactly does this correspond to? Hosting is the act of “renting” an address on the internet (domain name), storage space for all of your data on the net, internet access, security and messaging services, as well as an infrastructure with useful tools for creating a website.

To elect your future host, you must find the offer that best meets your needs. Here are the criteria to be taken into account: the geolocation of the host, the quality/price ratio, the notoriety, the responsiveness of the technical assistance, the security, the scalability of the offers, and the ergonomics of the user interface. Keep in mind that your hosting choice is crucial for your site’s future because it can make access difficult or restrict your website.

Examples of hosts: OVH, Gandi, Celeonet, etc.


In France, companies suffered an average of 21 attacks per day, and these cyber-security incidents increased by 51% in 2015. The main objectives of hackers: the modification of the appearance/content of a website and the limited quality of service.

The main reasons: updates not provided regularly on the site, whether on your user platform (cms) or the information published, the quality of the coding, lack of security on the perimeter of the network, and the plug-ins installed.


You should know several website types: the showcase site, the e-commerce or merchant site, the mobile site, and the blog (image) / vlog (video). And above all, you have to lay down a tree structure, a graphic design, and coherent editorial content. Subsequently, you will be able to create and optimize your website’s quality for the Internet user, whether it is on the visible aspect (content and form) and the non-visible (configuration).


1 in 2 French people has an account on a social network. He spends at least two hours a day connected to their favorite network! These numbers clearly show us the importance of Facebook, Google+, and Twitter (to name a few) in society. It is an essential turning point for companies. Many advantages result from this: good natural referencing, customer acquisition, relationship, sales channel, etc. Of course, each social network has its own goals, so the choice is yours. Go ahead, more than half of the French population is waiting for you!


SEO in the world of the web represents the fact of entering a URL address in search tools. The goal is to highlight this link as much as possible and place it in a good position in search engines.

All the previously mentioned points participate in this natural referencing, that is to say, non-paying. But if you want to take it to the next level, it is possible to perform paid referencing through different services to gain even more visibility.

How to easily analyze the keywords of your competitors

All SEO professionals will tell you that. A good SEO services in Lahore necessarily begins with an analysis of the keywords and positions of your competitors.

This analytical work is quite simply essential. You need to take the time to analyze what your competitors are doing to identify keywords with potential, avoid competing for overly competitive keywords, and set your semantic priorities intelligently. We will quickly come back to the interest of such an approach, and above all give you the tools to easily analyze the keywords of competitors.

Why analyze the keywords of your competitors?

Are your competitors a step ahead of you and you don’t think you can do anything about it? Lucky for you, nothing is impossible and everything is possible! Determining what your competitor’s keywords are can have an exceptional influence on your online positioning . It is the basis of any self-respecting strategy to outdo the competition and keep it at bay for good. There are obviously some fantastic tools to do this, but as a tool is a tool, it’s its strategic use that will set you apart from the rest.

And since it is always interesting to know the keywords of a competitor and to evaluate your own visibility, we will see together how to easily analyze the keywords of your competitors .

SEO strategy

Choosing the right keyword is the basis of your strategy, and competing for a keyword is an important factor that you need to be mindful of. To get effective SEO , you need to make sure your keywords are of high quality .

You choose them based on the content you offer, and their recurrence to appear in search results. But the more sites there are that rank for the same keyword, the more difficult it will be to rank for that same keyword. You must therefore do better than the competition to get yourself on the first page of search results.

You must therefore analyze the keywords of sites that are in a niche similar to yours, in order to obtain information that will be relevant in the choice of your keywords . This analysis involves determining which are your most dangerous competitors; those who rank best on Google in your industry.

You then need to look at the keywords used by these sites, to rank as well. Take a look at their titles, for example. And use tools specifically designed for this purpose.

6 tools for finding keywords

These tools are effective in keyword research for a competitor site. You still have to know how to use them and extract the information you want from the results. Let’s take a look at some of these tools.

Google keyword planner : It is a keyword planner tool. It is a product of Google Adwords. Very popular, it presents you with a whole range of features that allow you to obtain a high number of results with a minimum of information. You then get similar searches with the number of monthly searches, as well as the traffic forecast and the competition rate. This rate allows you to assess the viability of a keyword by considering the competition.

UberSuggest : It is also very popular when it comes to site SEO. It presents you with several keywords related to your theme. It also gives you free access to the Google Trends chart . These graphs will allow you to quickly determine the competitor’s interest in a keyword

SpyFu: It is a free tool which also gives you access to the keywords used by your competitors. You can directly target the sites in your industry to have a first list of keywords.

Keyword Tool: You have the choice here between several languages. Keyword Tool finds you results on Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon or Apple Store. The search field is much wider.

Traffic Travis: This tool finds the most popular keywords in your industry. You can find out what the competition is doing

Yooda: Excellent for site referencing, it is used by major brands. It is able to get thousands of keywords at once. But you don’t have to focus on just one tool. You can also use multiple tools at once to maximize your results. There are also tools to analyze keywords .

6 keyword analysis tools

This competitive analysis often called “  SEO analysis  ” can be done using several tools.

1- SemRush:

It is one of the best tools to analyze your competition’s keywords and site SEO. It is one of the most complete and efficient. Just insert the URL of your competitor’s site at the top of your search engine. Then mention the country concerned as indicated. Click on Search. When the interface is displayed, ignore the general dashboard then go to the left menu, in the first sub-title “positions”. The number of visits to the site is then displayed at the same time as the keywords which are the object of these visits the most. It is then displayed in relation to the evolution, the number of visits and the keywords, a graph over the last twelve months.

Best of all, you will be able to find out which results page this competitor site is on. Searches generally don’t go beyond the first page. The ideal is therefore to arrive on the first page. More precisely between the first and the tenth place. The best is to be in the top three. A little further down the page, the paid version offers the complete list of keywords, downloadable in Excel format. It is also possible to filter the information according to what interests us (filter by best positions, filter those that generate the most visit traffic, filter by date of publication, filter by cost per click). Excel can also allow you to filter keywords directly. It is a very good tool designed that can help you get ahead of the competition.

2- Keyword Spy :

It is a tool which has the same functions as SemRush. It offers a very comprehensive analysis. Whether it’s budget, statistics, affiliation, or competitor’s announcement. Moreover, it is free.

3- Long Tail Pro:

To use Long Tail Pro, click on the settings icon at the top right of the interface and add your Google and Moz accounts to it by clicking on “User Accounts”. You can then add new projects when you are freed from the settings. On the upper left, click on “+” and create new projects.

Choose the language, country and search engines you want to do your research on. When you click on the yellow “Find Keywords” button your search will appear framed in red on the left side.

The middle window presents the results taking into account the different filters. For keyword analysis, click on “Find Keyword” and insert your keyword in “Add Seed Keywords”. As you will have noticed, the interface is in English.

How to migrate from WordPress to the static site generator?

This article will learn how to turn your WordPress site into a static site with just a handful of powerful tools. We’ll focus on migrating WordPress to a static site builder and cover some of the alternatives, including using a headless CMS.

Why would you do this? Because you can get huge speed gains and therefore improve your site’s performance in search engines, and also reduce (or eliminate) you’re hosting bill and dramatically improve your security.

The advantages of becoming static

Fantastic speedups are no small feat, but by converting your dynamic WordPress site (WP) installation into a static one, it’s not all you can get.

Let’s sum up:

  • They reduced page loading speed. At the run time (user request), pages are not preprocessed, and information is not retrieved from the database. As a consequence, the web server will respond much quicker (10x and even more).
  • Reduced latency via CDNs. You can drop these now static pages onto a Distributed Content Delivery Network (CDN), dramatically improving response times anywhere in the world.
  • Simplified management. Once you’ve defined your workflow – and that’s what we’ll do here – you’ll see that you don’t need to spend more effort on maintenance, WP upgrades, or upgrades. Server updates.
  • Significantly improved security. Out-of-the-box HTTPS with only static pages that are not executed by a bogus PHP or obsolete WordPress version, and possibly not even by Apache.
  • SEO improvement. Google not only values ​​your content but also the ease and security of its access. Faster site efficiency is certainly one of the few search engine optimization approach still relevant today.
  • Peace of mind. No need to upgrade from PHP, no unpatched WP problem, PHP not on a managed Linux Server. Relax and have your meal after your deployment.

“Is WordPress secure?” Well, it isn’t very easy…

WordPress developers follow good security standards and practices, although long term support (LTS) is still very much lacking. However, due to its very architecture, some things are out of the hands of the WP security team and transferred directly to yours:

  • update your server
  • installation of WP updates
  • installation of PHP updates
  • installation of updates for plugins and themes (if available, not at all)
  • management of WP and PHP (neither has LTS) mayor updates from time to time

This is all a constant process, and plugins are not a minor threat, especially unmaintained threats. These often have security holes whereby attackers take control of WordPress installations. This is precisely why it took Automatic years to support some plugins on WordPress.com, the commercial and managed WordPress version.

WordPress could be secured with a lot of conscious effort. And while you can argue that these are efforts that any decent developer should put in, it’s also true that you can potentially lift that weight off your shoulders by turning your WP site into a static site and, in doing so, redefine its architecture and remove for good almost all available spots that could become a security threat. After all, there is not much an attacker can do with plain HTML, CSS files, and flat images.

Preliminary: Enter the static site generators

We’ve briefly reviewed Static Site Generators (SSGs) on our list of 100 Jam stack Tools, APIs, and Services to Power Your Article Sites, and there are tons more than what we’re going to cover here, so be sure to check StaticGen to learn more.

Some SSGs are specifically for WordPress, like WP2Static, but we’ll focus on Gatsby’s more general one is – the “React-based, free, open-source framework that helps developers build websites and apps blazing fast.”

WordPress migration

I have to admit, just as much as I wanted this process to be very straightforward, several things could make it a bit more cumbersome and time-consuming, like pl the plugins you might have installed (the fewer, the easier) and the way you have formatted your messages (the simpler, the better). This is just a guideline that you can change for particular reasons.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  1. configure Gatsby.js
  2. export WP posts/pages to Markdown
  3. ] generate static assets

Step 1: Fork the Gatsby Starters

We’ll start by branching off either the Gatsby Advanced Starter or the Gatsby Material Starter; both are general-purpose modified primers for a Gatsby.js project, the second with an “opinionated” Material Design template (demo).

Right off the bat, these starters will give you a fully React powered progressive web app (PWA) with all batteries included:

  • Super-fast load times (pre-rendered HTML, JS automatic block loading)
  • Markdown messages (highlighting code syntax, embedding YouTube videos, embedding Tweets)
  • pagination, tags, categories
  • Disqus Support
  • NetlifyCMS Support
  • SEO goodies ( Google Analytics support, Sitemaps, and Generation robots.txt meta tags, Schema.org JSON-LD for Google Rich Snippets, OpenGraph tags for Facebook / Google + / Pinterest, Twitter tags ] for Twitter cards)
  • Syndication feed (RSS)
  • social functions (share button Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram; Facebook and Reddit share) development tools ( ESLint Prettier Remark-Lint deploying support for GitHub pages ] and Netlify CodeClimate configuration file and badge)

You can get a favorable rating from Google if you successfully migrate your site from China to Google CDN:

Installation and configuration

You will need to install Gatsby.js and Node.js first to use the CLI gatsby and Node.js package manager npm. For Node.js, download and install for Gatsby.js, see the Quickstart or Set up your development environment.

Once you’ve fixed the problem, here’s how to start a project (remember you can clone as well Gatsby-material-starter ):

Step 2: Export WordPress Posts

You can import an XML file containing posts and pages into WordPress. However, depending on your WP setup and adjustments, this process may take a bit of know-how; but still manageable and well worth doing.

Step 3: Create the pages

Since Gatsby.js is a React app, being a React developer or at the very least an experienced JavaScript programmer will help you a lot to customize Gatsby tightly. Knowing some GraphQL will also become very practical for making queries and digging through your data, especially now that a MySQL database does not serve these pages.

Fortunately, Gatsby.js is very well documented. Here are some helpful resources:

Now that you are done generating pages, you can safely drop the elements (static pages and images) just about anywhere! Check out the Hosting section of our list of 100 Jam stack Tools, APIs, and Services to Power Your Sites for some ideas, and look at our article on Hosting Static Sites For Free With An Automated Pipeline.

Safety, for once!

Even though your WordPress admin is easily capable of being accessed (and just as easily vulnerable, and just as easily cracked), and even though there has been no patch to the admin’s security yet, and even though your static pages were pre-loaded from your old WP database, none of this makes any difference because the front-end is “detached” from the back-end.

I’m wrong; even if you are running WordPress on a local area network (LAN) behind a firewall, you should update it regularly.

Losing My Head: Headless CMS

If you have, up to this point, you may no longer need to use WordPress. While you could keep the admin to generate new posts and pages, another workflow would be to use another headless CMS to generate the static files for you and sync them to your repository, all automated and in one. Step.

As a new project, you need to build a “headless CMS” – a content management system that acts as a back-end instance somewhere but is disconnected from the actual website.

WordPress is an increasingly popular choice of headless CMS for static sites and maybe the most common for larger-scale SSG deployments. Though a migration approach can work in certain cases, you may need to get many WordPress contents migrated before considering shifting from the bulk of the content to introduce a bulk migration. This is especially true for large content operations and digital media companies. However, if you have less history of managing, it will be useful to consider more modern approaches to content management – migrating out of a dynamically served site is a great time to make this kind of change. . [19659005] The migration we implemented already supports Netlify CMS, although we won’t see how to use a headless CMS here.

Dig more

There is a lot less we can cover in this short article than we would like, so we suggest looking at more resources on the subject of lowering the conversions of WP.


The official documentation center and blog have many cool features. Here are some articles related to WP:


Based on the Go programming language Hugo is another major name for SSGs with plenty of templates available and a solid choice you may want to consider for Gatsby.js.

There is a tool available for migrating WordPress to Hugo. When you read this post, you will discover that you will probably find this project a little easier to work on, even though you will sacrifice a lot of versatility.


If you can manage to set up the Ruby environment, Jekyll the SSG, which can turn your plain text into static sites and blogs, is even easier to use, although it will only generate static pages, not web apps like Gatsby. .js.

Just like with Gatsby, you can use Python-based ExitWP to generate Markdown from WP. And you also have Windows executable wpXml2Jekyll to General Markdown files Jekyll ready from WP XML export.

How do you go about making migrations? Both WordPress migrations will be inspected for readiness before completion. Our team will check several website components, including WordPress version, PHP version, WordPress multisite, storage size, and database size, before a website can be eligible for free migration. Web Design and Development develop websites and integrate efficient applications that connect to your existing tools. We create amazing web designs that bring the highest potentialities for you and your team.

Social Networks and Car Dealerships: How to Profit from Them?

What is the impact of social networks on car dealerships? 75% of car buyers have used the Internet, including social media and comparison sites, to find their car dealership.

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Social networks, therefore, have a definite impact on the car buyer’s decision-making process. Today, all marketers have understood the importance of this lever, and it is, more or less effectively, systematically integrated into the marketing strategy. For some, it might just be having a Facebook page and posting content or photos. Still, other brands have a true “social marketing” or fully integrated social marketing approach to generating qualified leads and interact with clients or future clients.

We have selected for you some tips for a successful social media marketing strategy for your car dealership.

Target Prospects on Facebook

It’s a must, especially with 84% of your consumers on Facebook. Place ads to reach consumers who have indicated they are in the market for a car. You can limit these selections to geographic areas near your dealership, by vehicle type, gender, consumer interests, and more. The investment is well worth it: Car ads have twice the average Facebook ad click-through rates.

The Importance of Customer Feedback

Encourage your customers to share their comments on your social networks. According to research by DealerRater and Dataium, auto buyers are 90% more likely to visit your website and 5.3X more likely to visit your dealership if your feedback is positive. Equally essential, respond to bad reviews. Clients who have had a bad experience want to be heard, and prompt attention will lessen the damage. Be sure to keep a watch on rating sites and social media, especially during off-peak hours, so you don’t miss a thing. Bad reviews are 19% more likely to be written on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday after a bad weekend experience, and you don’t want those complaints to slip through the cracks.

Reach Millennials with Instagram

A poll by Facebook found that millennials are leaving Facebook and turning to Instagram more. Instagram, mainly used on mobile devices, involves taking, sharing, and downloading photos and videos. Instagram provides a great platform to artistically share your brand’s story. For example, share photos that allow consumers to imagine themselves at the moment – a photo of one of your vehicles at the beach, a photo of one of your vehicles at a sporting event, a campsite, near the beach. ‘a lake, or any other creative way you can think of to show off the lifestyle the vehicle represents.

Produce Content on Youtube

84% of auto intentions plan to watch a video the next time they want to change vehicles. Motorists search for information and compare models, safety features, options, finishes, and other criteria to help them decide. While videos should be integrated into your website, they should be hosted on a channel like YouTube for more organic visibility.

Contests and Promotions

Again, social media isn’t just about blatant advertising to show how great you are, but rather about creating content to engage customers. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t increase your sales and specials. Everyone loves deals and discounts, so promote them. Be creative and reward your fans with promotions and contests only available on your Facebook page or other social accounts.

Story Telling and Social Networks

It is no longer enough to display and distribute content: we must create social links. Telling stories on social media is a perfect way to interact with your audience to build relationships and build brand loyalty. Use social platforms as a discussion channel rather than an advertising channel. Share your experiences and humanize your brand. e.g., post videos of staff members – the face of your business. Share photos showing your support for local associations.

Why Integrate Social Media Into Your Business?

Social media are prevalent in our everyday lives.

And have become essential for companies. Among the favorites, Facebook,

With more than 50 million companies using its Business Pages, according to

Vesicles, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If they’re not already an integral part of

Your business, here are six reasons to include them.

Acquire New Customers

Regardless of the social media used, the sought after clientele is

Often present there. A quick and efficient way to achieve it is to set

Up a good marketing campaign. A survey conducted by Wish pond shows

That three-quarters of companies have found a new customer using

Social media (77% of BTOC marketers say they have found a new customer on Facebook and 77%

Of BTOB marketers on LinkedIn). In addition to this advantage, this type of network offers you the

Possibility of targeting future partners. Other people doing the

Same job as you are featured on these social media. An ideal virtual place

To make new acquaintances. For example, with LinkedIn, you can

Easily connect with other professionals and quickly

Bond with them.

Create Links and Retain Customers

One of the great advantages offered by social media remains to be able to

Exchange and interact with your customers. This is an excellent way to

Obtain feedback on the products or services offered by your firm, and

Thus, to improve them, if necessary. It is also an opportunity to

Forge links with prospects. Offering special offers to

People who follow you and your business on social media

It can be a good idea to turn them into customers. Such a

A close link also makes it easier to retain customers. If

Feeling considered and listened to, they will tend to, especially,

Back to you.

A Fast and Efficient Means of Communication

Instead of the more traditional and often expensive means of communication,

Social media allow great visibility at a lower cost and, sometimes,

With the same or even greater efficiency. They present an

Instantaneous and viral aspect, conducive to communication. In this way, the company

Can get its messages across much faster and more efficiently

(News, news, or communication around a product/service). The

The simple fact that an Internet user “likes” or shares one of your

Publications will tend to bring others in return, like a snowball effect

Keep in mind that one-click necessarily attracts others.

Promote Your Referencing With Google

Social media promote your referencing with the giant

Google. How? ‘Or’ What? The search engine takes into account the number of

Publications. This is a determining factor in the ranking of your

Site. In other words, the more present you are on the web, the better

Positioned, you will be! Publishing on the networks thus increases your chances of being seen

By other Internet users on the web. A major asset in terms of

Visibility and notoriety.

A Tenfold Sales Area?

In addition to benefiting from a physical presence, you now have the

Possibility of acquiring a digital one, beneficial to your business by

We are making it even more accessible. The digital retail space has only.

One master: the entrepreneur who created it. Clearly, it is possible.

To arrange your space as you wish by incorporating the values ​​of

Your company, for example, and by highlighting your different products.

Or services. So why not enjoy it?

A Useful Tool for Recruitments

More and more used in the recruitment of new elements,

Social media offer the possibility of posting job offers. You

Can also choose to make them visible to a large number or, on the

Contrary, to restrict them to specific targets. To take advantage of these

It is up to you to choose the features between the different types

Of existing networks. For a large audience, you can, for example, opt

For Facebook. In the case of a more specific target, LinkedIn might

Present itself as a better option. Contacting profiles likely to

Interest you by taking advantage of this community will further promote your

Chances of finding the rare pearl.

If social media have multiple benefits for your

Business, it is important to choose the ones that suit you best.

Depending on your activity and your target. It’s up to you, too, to find your

Place in social media and establish a sustainable strategy around


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