You will have all the keys in hand to obtain a website that meets the demands of the market as well as those of your expectations. Your site will be a real tool to transform your Internet users into potential customers.

Companies do not adopt websites by chance. The latter has a considerable impact on customers, and therefore on business. Would you also like to change your website, but certain criteria, including the lack of budget or the consistency of your brand’s positioning, are still holding you back? This article will help you judge if your website is part of the table of “large websites” and know what you can ask your web provider.

We give you the miracle recipe for a good website, now and exclusively!

  1. Modern and aesthetic graphics
  2. Responsive for everything and on everything
  3. A domain name just for you
  4. Tailor-made accommodation
  5. Guaranteed and reinforced security
  6. A step-by-step structure
  7. Social networks & you
  8. SEO for more visibility


Graphics correspond to all the techniques for creating, processing, and using visual aids. Your web design company in Pakistan cannot underestimate this visual contribution because it is at the heart of your identity.

By identity, we mean your visual identity. For your service provider, the biggest challenge is to transcribe your image on a logo or the colors used. This is where the graphic charter has undeniable importance. This represents all the visual rules to be respected in your business, ranging from the colors to be used to the letters you will send to your customers and the typography (font) to be used. Please note: it is essential to maintain consistency and homogeneity across all of your communication media.

The graphics go first of all through the ergonomics of your website. The practicality and the intuitiveness of this one will make it possible to lead the visitor more quickly towards the information. Several challenges are then to be overcome: the first is to attract him to the site, the second is to “keep him going” to return to the site. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself the right questions:

What is your website’s real purpose: an informational, promotional, commercial, event, or for notoriety?

What would be the best conversion strategy to transform Internet users into potential customers?


In a world connected 24 hours a day and constantly improving, it has become more than important to have a fast and responsive website.

That is to say that your website must adapt to all terminals but also different screen resolutions whether on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or stationary. Why? According to a study by Mobify, the mobile is the first means to access the internet for 50% of Internet users. Imagine the user has to move from left to right or from bottom to top to read all the content if your site is not adapted to the screen.

You lose 75% of your mobile audience if your site load time is more than 5 seconds. Responsive design responds to current web issues and trends. It will allow you to offer your readers an optimal experience regardless of the choice of the terminal.


Before creating any website, you must first reserve your domain name. This corresponds to the title and URL of your website. Your domain name’s choice cannot be changed once your URL link has been referenced on search engines. Best of all, it’s simple, short, and easy to remember. Regarding the process, the deposit and the purchase are done via a registrar. Even if, now, most of the hosts already take care of it, such as OVH.


Now that you have your domain name, the hosting choice phase is underway. What exactly does this correspond to? Hosting is the act of “renting” an address on the internet (domain name), storage space for all of your data on the net, internet access, security and messaging services, as well as an infrastructure with useful tools for creating a website.

To elect your future host, you must find the offer that best meets your needs. Here are the criteria to be taken into account: the geolocation of the host, the quality/price ratio, the notoriety, the responsiveness of the technical assistance, the security, the scalability of the offers, and the ergonomics of the user interface. Keep in mind that your hosting choice is crucial for your site’s future because it can make access difficult or restrict your website.

Examples of hosts: OVH, Gandi, Celeonet, etc.


In France, companies suffered an average of 21 attacks per day, and these cyber-security incidents increased by 51% in 2015. The main objectives of hackers: the modification of the appearance/content of a website and the limited quality of service.

The main reasons: updates not provided regularly on the site, whether on your user platform (cms) or the information published, the quality of the coding, lack of security on the perimeter of the network, and the plug-ins installed.


You should know several website types: the showcase site, the e-commerce or merchant site, the mobile site, and the blog (image) / vlog (video). And above all, you have to lay down a tree structure, a graphic design, and coherent editorial content. Subsequently, you will be able to create and optimize your website’s quality for the Internet user, whether it is on the visible aspect (content and form) and the non-visible (configuration).


1 in 2 French people has an account on a social network. He spends at least two hours a day connected to their favorite network! These numbers clearly show us the importance of Facebook, Google+, and Twitter (to name a few) in society. It is an essential turning point for companies. Many advantages result from this: good natural referencing, customer acquisition, relationship, sales channel, etc. Of course, each social network has its own goals, so the choice is yours. Go ahead, more than half of the French population is waiting for you!


SEO in the world of the web represents the fact of entering a URL address in search tools. The goal is to highlight this link as much as possible and place it in a good position in search engines.

All the previously mentioned points participate in this natural referencing, that is to say, non-paying. But if you want to take it to the next level, it is possible to perform paid referencing through different services to gain even more visibility.

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