Social Networks and Car Dealerships: How to Profit from Them?

What is the impact of social networks on car dealerships? 75% of car buyers have used the Internet, including social media and comparison sites, to find their car dealership.

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Social networks, therefore, have a definite impact on the car buyer’s decision-making process. Today, all marketers have understood the importance of this lever, and it is, more or less effectively, systematically integrated into the marketing strategy. For some, it might just be having a Facebook page and posting content or photos. Still, other brands have a true “social marketing” or fully integrated social marketing approach to generating qualified leads and interact with clients or future clients.

We have selected for you some tips for a successful social media marketing strategy for your car dealership.

Target Prospects on Facebook

It’s a must, especially with 84% of your consumers on Facebook. Place ads to reach consumers who have indicated they are in the market for a car. You can limit these selections to geographic areas near your dealership, by vehicle type, gender, consumer interests, and more. The investment is well worth it: Car ads have twice the average Facebook ad click-through rates.

The Importance of Customer Feedback

Encourage your customers to share their comments on your social networks. According to research by DealerRater and Dataium, auto buyers are 90% more likely to visit your website and 5.3X more likely to visit your dealership if your feedback is positive. Equally essential, respond to bad reviews. Clients who have had a bad experience want to be heard, and prompt attention will lessen the damage. Be sure to keep a watch on rating sites and social media, especially during off-peak hours, so you don’t miss a thing. Bad reviews are 19% more likely to be written on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday after a bad weekend experience, and you don’t want those complaints to slip through the cracks.

Reach Millennials with Instagram

A poll by Facebook found that millennials are leaving Facebook and turning to Instagram more. Instagram, mainly used on mobile devices, involves taking, sharing, and downloading photos and videos. Instagram provides a great platform to artistically share your brand’s story. For example, share photos that allow consumers to imagine themselves at the moment – a photo of one of your vehicles at the beach, a photo of one of your vehicles at a sporting event, a campsite, near the beach. ‘a lake, or any other creative way you can think of to show off the lifestyle the vehicle represents.

Produce Content on Youtube

84% of auto intentions plan to watch a video the next time they want to change vehicles. Motorists search for information and compare models, safety features, options, finishes, and other criteria to help them decide. While videos should be integrated into your website, they should be hosted on a channel like YouTube for more organic visibility.

Contests and Promotions

Again, social media isn’t just about blatant advertising to show how great you are, but rather about creating content to engage customers. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t increase your sales and specials. Everyone loves deals and discounts, so promote them. Be creative and reward your fans with promotions and contests only available on your Facebook page or other social accounts.

Story Telling and Social Networks

It is no longer enough to display and distribute content: we must create social links. Telling stories on social media is a perfect way to interact with your audience to build relationships and build brand loyalty. Use social platforms as a discussion channel rather than an advertising channel. Share your experiences and humanize your brand. e.g., post videos of staff members – the face of your business. Share photos showing your support for local associations.

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