What is local SEO?

SEO in general

If you’ve ever looked for ways to optimize your website , you’ve probably heard of SEO . Although complex, this technique allows you to qualify your visitors based on their search behavior in Google. In other words, it is about analyzing the keywords they use when they make a query in a search engine related to your field of activity. You must, then, optimize your website for these different keywords, in order to be well referenced for each of them. If you’d like the best SEO Services in Pakistan so contact us.
Let’s take an example. If you are a law firm, you will try to position yourself well on “lawyer in international law”, “lawyer in family law”, “lawyer in criminal law” or even “law firm”. Why ? Because these are certainly the keywords your target audience searches for when they want to learn about these specific topics. Of course, when choosing your keywords, you have to do it according to your specific activity. Are you more of a specialist in foreigners’ law and juvenile law? So there is no point in taking a position on “international law”.

Local SEO: definition

Local SEO is a variation of natural referencing. As the name suggests, the goal of this technique is to improve your position in search engine results for a specific geographic area . To use our example of a law firm, it is no longer a question of targeting only general keywords such as “law firm” but rather of specifying “law firm Namur”. From then on, you maximize your visibility with local customers, who are actually your target audience.
To put it another way, by developing a local SEO strategy , you are securing a place in what we call proximity results . These are the natural results propelled by Google according to two main criteria: the location included in the request (eg “Namur law firm”) and the geographical position of your device (smartphone, computer, tablet).

Who is local SEO for?

Many SMEs generally think that SEO is a technique mainly reserved for large companies. Why bother optimizing your website, since anyway a national, or even international, company has a better chance of getting ahead of you in Google results? However, for small structures also it is possible to be well positioned in search engines. This is what local SEO is for .
If you have a store or a local business , that is to say that targets customers in a particular geographical area (a city or a region), you have every interest in doing local SEO . Whether you’re a restaurant, bakery, gym, or clothing store, your customers and prospects want relevant results when they are looking for you. They want Google to suggest quality business sites that are close to them (that is, with good reviews from other customers). And anyway, what use is it to you to be well referenced for Liège if your restaurant is located in Namur? Your customers are either Namur residents or tourists looking for a nice place to eat.

The advantages of local SEO

Gain visibility in search engines

Competition on the web is great. Many companies from all sectors are gradually embarking on the adventure by creating a brand new brand new website. Obviously, this has an impact on the level of competition , which is always higher. The more the number of websites increases, the more complicated it becomes for yours to be visible to Internet users . The role of SEO, whether local or not, is to propel you among the first Google results for certain keywords of interest to your business.

Attract new customers

Improving the visibility of your website in search engines allows you to rise in the first results. However, Internet users generally do not go further than the first page of results. Most often, they are even content to go to the first three websites offered by Google (the first result alone already collects 33% of clicks). Then if you plan to change your positioning website, you can increase its traffic . As a result, you also increase your chances of converting some into customers.

Target your customers precisely

Even more than traditional natural referencing , local SEO allows you to qualify your audience by targeting very precisely the people who interest you. Certainly, by concentrating your efforts on a city or a region, you limit the number of Google queries among which your site will appear. However, since this is where your customers are located, you ensure the quality of your visitors and thus increase the chances of a conversion.(whatever it is: visit in store, making contact via form, request for estimate online…). And that’s ultimately what you want from your website, isn’t it? That it allows you to attract new customers, by appearing in a relevant way in Google search results.

The final word

Developing a local SEO strategy is an opportunity for your business to be more visible in search engines. You target an audience in a specific geographic area and use geolocation to attract qualified traffic. Interested in the many benefits of local SEO? In our next article, discover the best practices to put in place.

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