Psychiatrist vs Psychologist. Where do I go when emotions are too strong

The expertise of the psychiatrist does not exclude that of the psychologist. You can follow a psychological therapy at the same time as a drug treatment prescribed by a psychiatrist. You need support in time, and you need not be scared or ashamed to ask for it. Whether you go to a psychiatric consultation or a therapy session, the specialist will know how to guide you to the form of help you need.

Differences between psychiatrist and psychologist

Unlike the psychiatrist, a graduate of a medical school, the psychologist is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology. The psychiatrist can, following professional training, acquire academically certified skills by a psychotherapist. In turn, the psychologist, depending on his options, can become a clinical psychologist, psychological counselor, or psychotherapist. Therefore, the first difference between the two specialists consists of the theoretical training of each.

Another difference is that the psychiatrist works as a doctor, while the psychologist works as a therapist. Specifically, the psychiatrist has the right to consult and treat patients who have major pathologies. The psychologist has the theoretical ability to treat emotional disorders.

A third difference is that the psychiatrist may prescribe medication, while the psychologist may not. Based on his knowledge of anatomy and pharmacology, the psychiatrist focuses more on chemical changes in the brain. The psychologist focuses much more on the emotional aspects of patients and their behavioral patterns. However, both take into account both the neurochemical structure and the patient’s behavior.

Despite the differences in training and approach, the psychiatrist and the psychologist can work together, but it is advisable to work together. More and more psychiatrists are acquiring the skills of psychotherapists precisely to offer the patient a complete approach.

When do I go to a psychologist?

Therapy led by a psychologist is focused on a kind of “personal development”. The patient is willing to take a longer period of time to learn how to better manage their inner feelings. Psychotherapy is a kind of “fitness for the emotional body”, as the psychiatrist Catalina Hogea says.

It is advisable to go to a counselor if you find you can no longer do your own emotions without assistance. If the thoughts get out of control, you need to be directed by a counselor to understand them better.

Go to a psychologist when you want to know the causes of trauma or emotional blockage that prevents you from functioning.

When do I go to a psychiatrist?

You can go to the psychiatrist if you also need specialized treatment. When psychotherapy, more precisely, the verbalization of emotional states is no longer enough.

“Ideally, before starting a type of psychological therapy, go to a consultation with a psychiatrist. And based on the evaluation of the psychiatrist, in agreement with the patient, to decide the best course of action: drug treatment, psychotherapy or both “, says Catalina Hogea, a psychiatrist with skills in psychotherapy at the Neuroaxis clinic.

Go to a psychiatrist when the symptoms of psycho-affective disorders are strong and take the forefront of your daily life. With the psychiatrist’s help, you work directly on the symptoms, the causes being understood later after the impasse has been overcome.

The two specialists often work together for the patient’s health. The two types of approaches are not excluded, in many cases being complementary.

The first step to balance and mental health is to ask for help. Whether you choose to go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist, you are already on the right track. The chosen specialist will know how to guide you to the help you need and indicate your support.

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