7 Tips to Overcome Laziness

Surely you have been lazy on many occasions, and it is also possible that you have not found a way to overcome it and have sabotaged yourself, has it happened to you? I want to speak to you today about how to conquer laziness and boost your ability to accomplish precious goals a little more…

For example, if you are lazy to start a work Monday and allow it to rule you, you have a problem. But if you’re lazy on a Saturday afternoon because you don’t know what position to get on the couch, it might not be so much of a problem.

I usually realize that people are lazy when:

  • They are not motivated to do something, especially.
  • They don’t feel capable of doing something.
  • Before they get down to what really matters, they find a lot of things to do.

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Tips to overcome laziness

1. It’s aligned with your long-term goals

The first thing you have to ask yourself if you don’t feel like doing something is that something is in line with your goals in life. Sometimes, we discover that something does not appeal to us because it has nothing to do with us. Because they have imposed it on us.

Here, the key is to know yourself well, know what you want in life, and let yourself be guided by it. Do not do anything (or the least) that is not aligned with your values ​​and with your way of understanding life. It seems interesting to learn to say no more often.

2. Ask yourself, will it be easier later?

One of the tricks that I use to start doing something is to ask myself that, will it be easier to do later. If the answer is No, then I start doing it right then.

You come home after a hard day’s work, and you know you have to clean the car. Usually, by saying, “I’ll do it another day,” you sabotage yourself. But the big question isn’t that. You have to spend 15 minutes washing or getting your car washed because the answer is no.

3. Don’t think

The worst thing you can do when something makes you lazy is to think. Why? Because if you think you’re going to find one or a thousand excuses for not doing what you have to do. Those of us who like to do sports on an empty stomach often happen to us. If the alarm goes off and you lie in bed thinking, “Should I go for a run today? Then it’s easiest for you to find some excuse for not going out, “I’m really tired today,” “I’ve slept a little,” “it’s cold,” “it’s night,” and so on.

4. Leave everything ready

One of the ways to combat the laziness of starting something is to prepare the ground. Using the example, I said before, for those of us who like to go running on an empty stomach, the best thing we can do is leave all the luggage ready for just waking up, getting dressed, and going out to stretch our legs.

For example:

  • If you are lazy to paint your storage room, why not buy the paint today?
  • If you are lazy to go to the bank to open that pension plan that you will need so much, why don’t you call them and say that you will go tomorrow?
  • If you are lazy to lose weight, why not take all the junk, packaged, and highly processed foods in your fridge or cupboards and take them out of your house? (chips, purchased juices, cookies, sweets, batters, margarine, sweets …)

5. Eat better

Laziness is better fought by people who feel active and with vitality than those in a state of lethargy. Invest in taking care of your body if you want to be more proactive in doing every task: eat healthier and play more sports.

We eat diets that are very caloric and yet very nutritionally poor. The key is to change the paradigm, to start eating highly nutritious foods. For example, having a bowl of spinach salad for dinner is one of the best things you can do for yourself, or have ten almonds or walnuts during the day when you feel the urge to drink something.

Avoid all foods that have been processed, mixed with chemicals and especially those that have trans fats (there are many, believe it or not). Start to remove all the flour you can, all the sugar, and take more vegetables and fruit. In order to do so, you would feel stronger and more vital. Give it a try, and if in a month you don’t, I promise to treat you to a meal.

6. Exercise

Yes, I know, it is very basic advice, but it is the truest. It is difficult for a person who does not move to have the energy to do anything. You don’t have to beat yourself up in the gym, play paddle tennis, or even go for a run… Do a 20-minute routine every day. It has been shown that with a little exercise each day, you can maintain your state in great shape. And mixed with a healthy diet, lose weight.

7. Create a virtuous circle

Start scoring points on the win list. The main thing here is that you begin to believe in yourself more, and nothing better than doing small acts that are already on your list of things you have been able to do. Write down your little achievements; write what you have done every day for yourself and for the lifestyle you want.

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