Web Design Trends for 2020

The Internet is very fast-moving and constantly evolving. New web design trends are introduced every year to meet the latest user needs, respond to new end devices, or take into account general design trends from fashion, architecture, etc.

Here are the web design trends that will become more apparent this year, both internationally and domestically.

1. Card design

Maps are intuitive and easy to understand. Pinterest was one of the pioneers in this concept, which is now spreading more and more to other websites (Google, blogs, etc.).

This design allows for a beautiful display with lots of content. In this way, users are presented with a lot of information in small “nibbles.”

The card design’s structured structure makes it perfect for responsive design (adaptation to mobile devices).

2. Minimalist design

Minimalist designs are about incorporating as few elements as possible so that the user cannot be distracted from the main content and can navigate the page as quickly as possible.

The fast pace of our society has certainly contributed to this design becoming increasingly popular.

Due to the few elements on the website, you usually achieve a very good loading time, which also has a great influence on search engine optimization (SEO).

3. Material design hybrid

The “flat” design has been one of the biggest web design trends for years. Here you remove all unnecessary effects such as 3D, shading, gloss, etc. in order to make the website appear flatter.

The problem here was or is that important elements are completely lost due to their inconspicuousness.

In order to remedy this shortcoming, Google implemented the material design. To put it simply, flat elements are provided with geometric shading to make it easier for users to recognize them.

4. Gifs and cinema graphs

With GIFs and cinema graphs, you can bring movement to your site. These elements are powerful tools for making your site’s content more lively, which results in your content becoming more interesting, and the users staying on your site longer.

Of course, you should only use these elements very discreetly and only in places where it makes sense. If used incorrectly, these tools can bring a lot of unrest to your website. The loading time of the website must also be kept in mind.

5. Pictures with people (self-made)

In the past, establishing a connection with customers was far easier, as they had to come to the store for the product or service and were advised directly by an employee there.

Nowadays, many processes are already carried out over the Internet, which means that the website is the first “contact person” for new customers and arouses certain emotions.

More and more websites/companies use such images in a targeted manner in order to meet users on a human level.

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6. 360 ° videos

You probably already know 360 ° pictures – here you can turn around in the picture and change the viewing angle, etc. With 360 ° videos, the next step is nowhere videos are recorded in such a way that the viewing angle is completely individual while watching the video can change.

With VR glasses’ introduction, completely new ways have emerged to communicate with users/customers and convey your advertising message.

7. Typography

With the advent of web fonts (fonts that can be used on any computer as they are downloaded from the web), typography for the web was born as a design element.

In the last few years, important headlines or catchwords have become bigger and bigger – 2020 will bring more large and meaningful typographic elements with them, which will be used specifically to implement an appealing design.

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