Why having your own Website is Important

Why so many still missing out on the possibilities of their own website? You shouldn’t really have to talk about it nowadays, but some have still not recognized the value of an Internet presence.

Advantages of having your own website

Website as a business card on the Internet

Your own website serves primarily as a modern business card. Here you can present yourself, introduce your products or services and publish contact details.

Reaching Customers, Attracting Customers

Word-of-mouth is still the most important way of getting business. However, more and more people are looking on the Internet (more than in business directories) for potential companies, craftsmen and other service providers to whom they would like to place the order. So anyone who cannot be found on the Internet does not exist for this target group and cannot be reached.

Maintaining and increasing image

A company, or in general, an organization that has its own website, radiates a modern image to the outside world. An attractively designed and technically good website underlines the image. Large numbers of people are now visiting websites with mobile devices (smartphone, tablet PC). In order to be legible everywhere, the internet presence should be optimized for different end devices.

References and products and services offered as an online showroom

Show your customers why they should buy from you. Make your products and services public and explain why customers should invest in you – why they stand out from the competition. References serve to ensure that customers have confidence in the company’s services.

Establishing and maintaining contacts

Your website, your company blog or your social media channels enable very direct and fast contact with your customers. With blog, Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus you also have the possibility to get opinions from outside. What is being discussed about my company/association? Is there any criticism and if so, what? This way, new contacts are made very quickly, which can also turn into orders.

The website works 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Your website is your cheapest employee. In particular, no other employee can relieve you of round-the-clock availability. Compared to other advertising formats (advertising in newspapers and magazines, posters, flyers, etc.), your own website is very cheap and relatively easy to manage. It is not necessary to constantly conclude new contracts for advertising placements or to take any other cost-intensive measures.

Available worldwide

Your website is available not only in a specific country but all over the world. Thus you can easily network with business partners or competitors worldwide. If this fits your business strategy, you can also operate internationally. And this is very inexpensive!

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Conclusion – why having your own website is important

As described above, nowadays it is (almost) essential to install your own website. The advantages, such as the availability for customers, indicate how enormously important your own Internet presence is. So don’t be afraid to invest in a professionally designed website. Not only do you benefit as a company, private individuals also benefit.

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