Why Integrate Social Media Into Your Business?

Social media are prevalent in our everyday lives.

And have become essential for companies. Among the favorites, Facebook,

With more than 50 million companies using its Business Pages, according to

Vesicles, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If they’re not already an integral part of

Your business, here are six reasons to include them.

Acquire New Customers

Regardless of the social media used, the sought after clientele is

Often present there. A quick and efficient way to achieve it is to set

Up a good marketing campaign. A survey conducted by Wish pond shows

That three-quarters of companies have found a new customer using

Social media (77% of BTOC marketers say they have found a new customer on Facebook and 77%

Of BTOB marketers on LinkedIn). In addition to this advantage, this type of network offers you the

Possibility of targeting future partners. Other people doing the

Same job as you are featured on these social media. An ideal virtual place

To make new acquaintances. For example, with LinkedIn, you can

Easily connect with other professionals and quickly

Bond with them.

Create Links and Retain Customers

One of the great advantages offered by social media remains to be able to

Exchange and interact with your customers. This is an excellent way to

Obtain feedback on the products or services offered by your firm, and

Thus, to improve them, if necessary. It is also an opportunity to

Forge links with prospects. Offering special offers to

People who follow you and your business on social media

It can be a good idea to turn them into customers. Such a

A close link also makes it easier to retain customers. If

Feeling considered and listened to, they will tend to, especially,

Back to you.

A Fast and Efficient Means of Communication

Instead of the more traditional and often expensive means of communication,

Social media allow great visibility at a lower cost and, sometimes,

With the same or even greater efficiency. They present an

Instantaneous and viral aspect, conducive to communication. In this way, the company

Can get its messages across much faster and more efficiently

(News, news, or communication around a product/service). The

The simple fact that an Internet user “likes” or shares one of your

Publications will tend to bring others in return, like a snowball effect

Keep in mind that one-click necessarily attracts others.

Promote Your Referencing With Google

Social media promote your referencing with the giant

Google. How? ‘Or’ What? The search engine takes into account the number of

Publications. This is a determining factor in the ranking of your

Site. In other words, the more present you are on the web, the better

Positioned, you will be! Publishing on the networks thus increases your chances of being seen

By other Internet users on the web. A major asset in terms of

Visibility and notoriety.

A Tenfold Sales Area?

In addition to benefiting from a physical presence, you now have the

Possibility of acquiring a digital one, beneficial to your business by

We are making it even more accessible. The digital retail space has only.

One master: the entrepreneur who created it. Clearly, it is possible.

To arrange your space as you wish by incorporating the values ​​of

Your company, for example, and by highlighting your different products.

Or services. So why not enjoy it?

A Useful Tool for Recruitments

More and more used in the recruitment of new elements,

Social media offer the possibility of posting job offers. You

Can also choose to make them visible to a large number or, on the

Contrary, to restrict them to specific targets. To take advantage of these

It is up to you to choose the features between the different types

Of existing networks. For a large audience, you can, for example, opt

For Facebook. In the case of a more specific target, LinkedIn might

Present itself as a better option. Contacting profiles likely to

Interest you by taking advantage of this community will further promote your

Chances of finding the rare pearl.

If social media have multiple benefits for your

Business, it is important to choose the ones that suit you best.

Depending on your activity and your target. It’s up to you, too, to find your

Place in social media and establish a sustainable strategy around


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